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When an Idea Becomes an Obsession: Rock Climbing in the Bugaboo Range, BC.

Bugaboos, BC

Will Stanhope

What’s in an idea? That’s the question the Innate crew asks when contemplating a new design or manufacturing process that hasn’t been done before. Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor, but there are other moments when the challenge is simply too compelling to ignore. That’s when we draw strength from this quote from Steve Jobs. Continue reading


The Season of Giving

Shared Food, Shared Lives – Part 5:
Anna Brones

Founder of Foodie Underground and Innate contributor Anna Brones discusses the challenges of living in a consumer driven society during the holiday season, urging us all to share food and experiences, not stuff.

“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” ― Mother Teresa Continue reading


Innate Speaks!

A Special Three-Part Interview
Greg Foweraker

The following are excerpts from an actual long winded and rambling fake interview. It features Innate’s Managing Director, Greg Foweraker, discussing the challenges of being a brand new company. Even though we really aren’t. The interview has two key aspects: First? It’s a way to promote Innate – that we make clean designs for active travel that’s pretty awesome. And the other aspect? It’s way more fun than a press release. Continue reading


The Art of Train Travel

Mastering On the GoTrain Blog
Anna Brones, Foodie Underground

Shared food, shared lives 2. In her latest dispatch on fusing the everyday with a little magic through the simple acts of gathering, preparing and eating food to create memorable experiences, Anna Brones, the creator of Foodie Underground, reports in from Paris, her current base camp for writing her new book The Culinary Cyclist, out later this spring. Continue reading


Dawn Patrol

Julian Stoddart

Backcountry skiing at the local mountains behind Vancouver has all the qualities of a maritime location; somewhat dodgy. Hope is eternal though, and several times during winter the storm cycles come trundling down from the gulf of Alaska and its’ game on. This is the coast though, and the snow quality is at best temporal; dawn patrols are the order of the day with the added win of mid-week skiing and still making it into that 10 am meeting. Continue reading