One special thing about this project is that peoples' positivity exudes. Big smiles all around.

The Spirit of Community – A Look at “We Are Revellers”.

Here at Innate, the holiday season is all about our community. The people, places and relationships that inspire us, challenge us and help us grow. We’re pleased to present this photo essay from photographer Kim Jay that celebrates the diverse, unique faces that make up the spirit of our Innate community.

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Lee and Scott Canvas_s

Lee Cation: Longboarding, Design and Motivation.

If Ernest Hemingway were alive today, we believe he would rethink his list of the three sports worth doing. He’d definitely keep mountaineering on there, but he would most likely drop bull fighting for downhill longboarding. Leaning into speeds of up to 120km/h while maintaining control takes both skill and excellent gear. Innate caught up with Lee Cation, one of the early proponents of longboarding, to learn about where the sport is going, the importance of design to longboarders and the soul behind his motivation.

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Photo: Stephanie Dietze

The Quest for Pure Necessity Continues.

Kris Holm, founder/owner of Kris Holm Unicycles and author of The Essential Guide to Mountain and Trials Unicycling was featured in an Innate blog post in May 2012. In this post, he explored his outlook on design in a Q&A session. He impressed us with his opinion that the best design ideas come from a deep understanding of their pure necessity for the end user. 

It seemed only fitting to check in again with Kris as he rolls out his new line of Fusion Saddles, the culmination of years of design obsession for the tribe of mountain and trials unicyclists.

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Vancouver riding at its finest.

Strange Bike Love

Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying (at 25) and Love my Bike.

Michelle Baynton

Innate Marketing Coordinator Michelle Baynton, our resident out-the-door outdoor adventurer, discusses the process, challenges and rewards of learning to ride a bike as an adult. This adventure culminated in her participating in Vancouver’s Bike to Work week for the first time.  Continue reading

AfWBlog (3)

Can Art Change the World?

The Art for Water team discusses how public participation art can change the world. Innate has been supporting Art for Water in a modest way since 2008 with their 13699 installation. We invited their team to write a guest piece on how the act of creating art about water makes people more likely to be catalysts for social change. Continue reading


Simple Isn’t Simple

Cam Shute 

At Innate, we’ve got a clear product mission of clean design for active travel.  We find that this helps to keep us on track so that we make good business decisions when we consider new projects or review existing programs. The path to coming up with a seemingly simple statement was pretty similar to the process of moving from an idea to a finished product; you’ve got to strip away the fluff. Continue reading


When an Idea Becomes an Obsession: Rock Climbing in the Bugaboo Range, BC.

Bugaboos, BC

Will Stanhope

What’s in an idea? That’s the question the Innate crew asks when contemplating a new design or manufacturing process that hasn’t been done before. Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor, but there are other moments when the challenge is simply too compelling to ignore. That’s when we draw strength from this quote from Steve Jobs. Continue reading


The Season of Giving

Shared Food, Shared Lives – Part 5:
Anna Brones

Founder of Foodie Underground and Innate contributor Anna Brones discusses the challenges of living in a consumer driven society during the holiday season, urging us all to share food and experiences, not stuff.

“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” ― Mother Teresa Continue reading